What does your CV say about you?

What does your CV say about you? Listing Image

When a hiring manager or recruiter reviews your CV, first impressions matter a great deal. They’re going to make a judgement on your suitability very quickly, probably within 10 seconds. So you need to make sure that your CV is up to scratch.

The format or template you use to write your CV, your profile description, the chronological order of experience, roles and responsibilities, achievements, relevance to the role you're applying for, spelling, sentence construction and accuracy will all be judged.

A great CV will have been checked and re-checked then checked again.

CV Tips

A cliché-ridden CV is a boring CV. Don’t bore the reader! Phrases like, ‘I can work well in a team’ are pretty meaningless. Use examples of how you work in a team and how you contribute. Be as specific as possible, don’t just state generalisations.

Start with a roundup profile of yourself, and make it a good read. It should be short and state your key skills. Think creatively and make yourself sound interesting and skilled. Be brave!

Show who you are
We want to read a CV that shows who you are and why you are different. This is a sales document, selling a very important product: you! It needs to be pacey and easy to read.

Facts & Figures
Include facts and figures to back up your achievements, particularly in sales jobs. KPIs are important and you should show exactly what you’ve achieved.

Straight talking
Don’t waffle – make sure every phrase means something.

List specific achievements within the roles you’ve done on your CV. Don’t just state the job title.

Job title
Make sure the job titles of previous roles are clear – you don’t want the recruiter wondering what on earth it was you did at that particular job.

Be positive
Read through the CV. Does it sound positive? Would you hire you? If not, rewrite it.

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