Should I put achievements on a CV?

Should I put achievements on a CV? Listing Image

Many of us have worked in roles where our performance is measured by our achievement of goals or targets. If you’re in sales you'll be expected to have good conversion and sales achievements, in marketing a hiring manager would want to know how you increased visitors, enquiries, or followers, for example. But sadly, the majority of CVs we look at here at Ambitions Travel Recruitment don't include specific achievements, instead purely focusing on roles and responsibilities. We say, put your achievements on your CV!

If you want to increase your career opportunities, then don’t be shy and do brag about your achievements. We're talking adding numbers, revenue and percentages when creating your CV. Facts speak louder than generalisations and they stand out on a CV.

But don't forget that you need to be prepared to speak about these achievements in past and current jobs during an interview. This means you should practise what you're going to say (which you should be doing anyway). 

A hiring manager will be much more impressed if you can state in a provable way how you have achieved goals, than if you waffle on about how you've grown during your current role. 

You'd be surprised how many people still list all the GCSE results they achieved 20 years ago, but forget to put in the details of goals they've achieved in their current career. Which do you think the recruiter is more interested in? 

It's also easier to talk about facts and figures in an interview than it is about general thoughts. You can also spin how fast you achieved the goals. But don't worry if it took time to achieve a target, you can spin that as being someone who is quietly determined to get the right results. The important thing is to get those achievement details, facts and numbers fixed in your head and shout them from the rooftops! 

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