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If you have uploaded your CV to one of the many job boards and have an inflated job title, for example you're calling yourself a director in a small company which would be a Head of or Manager in a bigger company, or if you have a weird and wonderful job title, you could be missing out on opportunities. It’s always better to use the most relevant job title to the job you actually do.

The truth is that if you've got a made up a job title that's not relevant or is inflated, recruiters and hiring managers may not find you. They may be looking for a brilliant director, but are concentrating on hunting for managers who will want to take a step up, and so if you're calling yourself a director, they'll miss you.

Likewise, if you are applying for a new role, consider the job title on your CV. Does it really reflect what the position is commonly known as in the industry? It's much more useful to have an easily recognisable and relevant job title on your CV.

Inexperienced recruiters will often simply search for job titles when finding candidates on the job boards, for example: travel consultant, travel agent, product manager, head of contracting, etc. If you've called yourself a customer services travel experience adviser or something else that’s over-complicated, you may get missed out when they're hunting for candidates for a brilliant job.

Experienced recruiters like Ambitions Travel Recruitment will of course look past job titles and focus their searches on responsibilities and achievements. However, why make life more complicated for yourself? It can also seem a little pretentious to have a fancy job title, which may put people off contacting you.

If you’re applying for a new job direct to an employer, your CV could be reviewed in the first instance by a junior HR person who doesn't look further than the title. You could quickly just get put in the rejection pile at stage one if your job title isn’t something recognisable.

While you may love your big title, it could be doing you a disservice when you’re looking for your next role. Our advice is to stick with plain speaking and let your job title inform people quickly and simply about what it is you actually do.

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