Job troubles? Don’t jump without a plan

Job troubles? Don’t jump without a plan Listing Image

When recruiting, most companies are comfortable if an employee has spent at least two years with the same employer. If someone seems to be job-swapping a lot, then it rings alarm bells. However, if you are massively unhappy then it’s best to start the search for a new job ASAP.

At Ambitions Travel Recruitment, our advice is to take control but don’t job hop for the sake of it. Hiring managers will only consider those who have moved often if it's clear that they’re climbing the job ladder as opposed to constant side-steps. They find the latter unattractive and won’t invest time in interviewing or recruiting somebody who appears to move around without an obvious plan.

Plan your career

Planning during your career is a very good idea. If you make a plan starting with the question: where do I want to be in 5 years’ time, or 10 years’ time, you should be able to plot backwards to work out how to get there. If, for example, you want to be a company director in 10 years, then you need to cut up the time into 2 or 3 year slots, and progress with each move. If you have a desire to work for a specific type of company – one that is heavy on travel, or has a particular ethos, for example, start researching that now. It’s unlikely that exactly what you want will simply turn up in your lap. And quitting a job on whim isn’t usually a great way to achieve goals either.

Many people cite wanting more training and opportunities as a reason to swap jobs. It’s worth having a chat with your current boss regarding training, as they may be more open than you think to giving you space to improve in this way. Likewise, changing for more money. Ask for a pay rise first. Sometimes those questions can open up opportunities in the company you’re already working in.

Having said that, if you’re genuinely unhappy in a role, it is a good idea to make a change. You only live once, after all.

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