Are you open to work on LinkedIn?

Are you open to work on LinkedIn? Listing Image

Increasingly, We're finding ourselves frustrated when searching for the perfect candidate for a great job, because people simply don't see or respond to a message.

It sounds obvious, but if you choose to advertise yourself as ‘open for work’ on LinkedIn, it’s a really great idea to check your LinkedIn connection requests as well as the email you’ve registered with on a daily basis. Recruiters like us will be trying to connect and you could be missing a great opportunity.

If you quickly read it and aren't interested, ping a quick message back to say so. Ideally, you might say why you're not interested and then recruiters like us might be able to find you an even more perfect position!

Check over your LinkedIn profile

Also, if you’ve advertised yourself as open to work on LinkedIn, make sure you take 30 minutes to check over your profile.

Have you put in all your relevant skills? You may think it’s obvious that you’re proficient in certain computer programs because of your job title, but remember that recruiters may just base a search on the name of a specific computer program. If you haven’t mentioned it, you won’t come up in the search results.

Likewise, spell out your achievements on LinkedIn too. Someone won’t automatically know what you’re capable of. It’s best to list what you can do in a concise and easy-to-read way as part of your profile, or job description under your current job information.

LinkedIn is a brilliant tool for recruiters, so make sure you’re using it in the most effective way as a candidate, so those specialist recruiters can find you easily.

No longer open to work?

And, if you’re no longer open to work, don’t forget to change your profile. That’s better than simply ignoring messages or emails. None of us like wasting our time.

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