Don't miss a great career opportunity

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At least 50% of our placements are from candidates who were not actively looking for a new job, and who we approached due to their fantastic LinkedIn profile. These are known as passive candidates. They are people who are not actively seeking a new role.

All good recruiters pay to have LinkedIn Recruiter. This system allows us to search and source people who have the skills and experience that an employer is looking for. We’ll look for specific skills, job titles, and a LinkedIn profile that is professional and impressive. If your profile isn't up to date or compelling, then you could be missing out on a really great career opportunity.

Be open to a new job opportunity

Most people will consider a move if the right opportunity arises. You may be reasonably happy in your job, but wouldn’t you consider a move if a great new job opportunity landed in your inbox?

We recommend checking over your LinkedIn profile reasonably regularly, and adding to it when you learn a new skill, or some other useful professional string to your bow. Describe what your current job is clearly, and outline your role, using a clear job title that others will understand. No need to be cryptic on LinkedIn.

In all business settings it’s good to be open to opportunity. It can be easy to get comfortable in a role, but is it pushing you, and are you adhering to your 5- or 10-year career plan? That’s another great tip – write a career plan, outline where you want to get to, and how you plan to get there. We’re not saying it can never change, but it’s good to be on some sort of path.

For us recruiters, a successful hiring strategy always includes passive as well as active candidates. We will also build a passive candidate pipeline. So, make sure you’re open to offers – you never know where they could lead. And if we contact you, please do get back in touch!

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