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For the last two years every role that we've worked on has included a video interview. They’re the norm now, so it’s crucial that you know how to prepare for one.

I see a common feeling among candidates that a Zoom interview somehow isn’t as important as a face-to-face interview. Not true! It's critical that you not only present yourself as well as you would in person but that you also consider your environment.

Here are our useful Zoom interview tips 

1 Be ready and in the waiting room at least ten minutes beforehand

2 Check your mic and video are working properly

3 Make sure you have the latest version of Zoom downloaded and ready to use

4 Put your phone on silent

5 Silence the doorbell if you can. Ignore it if it rings if you can’t.

6 Put the dog in another room

7 Make sure any children in your care are being looked after by someone else for the duration of the interview, and ensure they won’t disturb you

8 Tidy your background. If your usual work-from-home spot has a messy background, move to sit in front of a better background. Choose something neutral, that won’t drag the interviewer’s attention away from you

8 Make sure the sun isn’t glaring in the interviewer’s face or yours

9 Do a practise Zoom interview with a friend or partner

10 Dress as if you’re going to an in-person interview

11 Angle the camera so it’s showing your whole face. Don’t angle it up so it’s looking up your nose, or too far down so it’s focusing on the top of your head

12 Have a glass of water handy, but not tea or coffee

13 Have any notes you need to hand, but don’t make it so that you’re shuffling papers

14 Do as much research as you would for a face-to-face interview

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