Where do recruiters search?

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Recruiters are hired to find talent, so where are you hidden? If you're looking for a new job you could be missing out because you're not appearing on the recruiter’s radar.

All good recruiters pay a monthly fee to access job board databases, the most popular being Reed and LinkedIn. If you're just browsing online hoping to find the right role and not signing up to one of these platforms or registering with a reputable recruitment agency you're truly narrowing down your opportunities.

Not all jobs are advertised 

Don't forget that not all jobs are advertised, or they may be advertised somewhere you're not looking, and some recruiters may have been given a heads up about a future role which isn't yet advertised. It’s vital that we know you’re out there. Send a signal! The easiest way to do this is to sign up and advertise your skills. You can easily do this without a current employer being aware.

While recruiters will use LinkedIn to find suitable passive talent – ie headhunting, it’s a lot easier for everyone if candidates make themselves known. This can be done by reaching out to specialist recruitment consultants in your area of interest. Here at Ambitions Travel Recruitment, we’re travel and hospitality recruitment specialists, but we’re open to many sectors that relate to that area, too.

If you’re not sure who to get in touch with to help connect you with the best jobs, a good start is to check a recruiter’s LinkedIn recommendations or online reviews to measure how good they are.

Likewise, a recruitment consultant will check a potential client’s LinkedIn profile to see how good they are, too. So, make sure yours is up to date and encourage clients and co-workers to leave a good review of your skills and ability.

Another good tip is to make sure your profile appears in those recruiter’s searches. Of course, sell yourself on LinkedIn, giving detail about your achievements, adding links, recommendations and generally make sure you stand out in your field. But also use words that a recruiter will use in a search. View job descriptions for your preferred role and use the most relevant ones in your profile, as well as listing the most desirable skills that match those needed for the job you’re looking for.

Make your first step signing up to a great recruitment agency. Sign up with Ambitions Travel Recruitment here >

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