Securing job opportunities in the travel industry with effective application strategies

Securing job opportunities in the travel industry with effective application strategies Listing Image

The allure of the travel industry is undeniable. Picture yourself planning dream getaways, exploring new cultures, and helping others create unforgettable memories. It's a sector that promises excitement, inclusion and a chance to be part of something bigger – assisting other people in exploring new parts of the world.
However, as enticing as it is, the travel industry can be very competitive with its own unique quirks and ways of working. In this blog post, we'll explore how to secure job opportunities in the travel industry by employing effective application strategies, as advised by experienced industry recruiters.

The travel industry: appeal and scope                    

The travel industry spans the globe, offering countless opportunities in many different specialisms, including hospitality, inbound tourism, outbound tourism, airlines, travel agencies, tour operators and many more. It's a sector that constantly evolves, providing dynamic and rewarding career opportunities. 

The travel industry is renowned for its travel perks and inspirational products, and it also has a reputation for being a fun, exciting, inclusive workplace. It’s easy to understand the appeal.

Importance of effective application strategies in a competitive job market 

With the pandemic reshaping the industry, the competition for travel industry jobs has intensified. Whilst travel is clearly back in business, many companies are still recovering from damage caused by the pandemic. To get past the initial stages of the recruitment process, effective and stand-out application strategies are crucial, enabling you to stand out in a crowded field.


There are several factors for those looking to enter the travel industry to consider. First, applicants must narrow down which job and within which part of the industry they’re interested in working. Some research will then be required on what that particular area of the industry looks like in a post-pandemic world – many travel businesses have overhauled their operations based on learnings from the COVID shutdown. Finally, you will need to determine if your particular skills and qualifications align with the role you’re after – and what training you might need to plug the gaps. 

Diversity of job roles within the travel industry 

The travel industry offers numerous potential career paths, from travel agents and hotel managers to tour guides and flight attendants, each requiring unique skills and expertise. You also may wish to consider if you’d prefer working in inbound or outbound tourism. When a country or destination receives tourists, it refers to inbound tourism; when tourists of a country travel to other countries or destinations, it refers to outbound tourism – and the jobs available in each of these vary quite considerably.

Emerging trends and changes in the industry post-pandemic 

The pandemic has spurred innovation, making remote work and sustainable tourism more relevant. Automation has also increased, as has the role of technology in travel planning, and these factors play a part in the job market. Additionally, although people are travelling more or less than they were in 2019, many travel companies still haven’t recouped the money they lost in the pandemic and have chosen to keep their workforce lean as a result. It’s important to keep an eye on these trends.

Key skills and qualifications sought by travel industry employers. 

Travel employers value adaptable individuals with strong customer service skills, cultural sensitivity, and often (but not always) fluency in multiple languages. Other qualifications and skills will, of course, depend on the role you are applying for. If you feel that training would help fill the gaps in your knowledge, Ambitions Travel Recruitment, have a library full of FREE eLearning courses that will help sharpen your skills.


Before you begin pursuing job opportunities in the travel industry, conducting an honest audit of your skills, experience, and education is a good idea. If you’ve never worked in travel before, take some time to figure out what your unique skill set can bring to your desired role. 

  • Self-assessment: identifying personal strengths, skills, and passions

Understanding your unique strengths and passions will help you align your career goals with the right travel industry niche. 

  • Relevant education and training: degrees, certifications, and online courses

Investing in education and certifications tailored to the industry will enhance your qualifications.

  • Tailoring skills to travel industry needs: customer service, cultural sensitivity, language proficiency

Cultivate skills that mirror industry demands, such as exceptional customer service, cultural awareness, and language proficiency.


  1. CV essentials: contact information, summary and key skills

Your CV should be concise, showcasing your contact information, a well-crafted summary, and key skills relevant to the travel industry.

  1. Showcasing relevant experience: prior jobs, internships, and volunteer work

Highlight experiences directly related to the travel industry, emphasising responsibilities and achievements. Focus on customer service skills and travel experience.

  1. Highlighting transferable skills: adaptability, problem-solving, communication

Even if your previous roles weren't in travel, emphasise transferable skills such as adaptability, problem-solving, and effective communication. 

Ambitions Travel Recruitment has created a free online resource to help travel industry candidates craft a stand-out CV. Access this comprehensive guide here.


  • Understanding company culture and values

Thoroughly research your potential employer and get a good insight into their culture, values, and expectations. You should also understand their unique proposition and what makes them different from their competitors. 

  • Customise your CV and cover letters for each role

Customising each application will allow you to showcase how your skills match the role in question and demonstrate to employers that you are serious about working for them. 

  • Leverage online platforms like LinkedIn, industry-specific job boards and company websites

You’ll not only get a good feel for the industry by engaging in discussions and keeping abreast of the latest developments on LinkedIn in and via industry publications (i.e. Travel Weekly and TTG). You’ll also have an opportunity to network and make connections.


  • Address the hiring manager's needs

Demonstrate how you can solve their unique challenges by tailoring your cover letter to address the company's pain points and how you can provide solutions. A good starting point for this is to put yourself in their shoes. What do you imagine their daily problems are? 

  • Showcase enthusiasm

Express a passion for the travel industry and the specific company by demonstrating your passion for travel and the company you're applying to. Why would you like to work for this particular business? 

  • Provide concrete examples 

Illustrate achievements and experiences relevant to the role by using specific examples to prove your qualifications and achievements. For this one, make sure that you thoroughly read the job specification and match your experience to the specific requirements.


  • Research the company

Ensure you understand the business history, goals, and recent developments and identify the key people (i.e., owner, CEO, managing director, etc.). You’ll then be able to show your interest and knowledge about the company during the interview. 

  • Craft compelling stories

You could use the STAR method to answer behavioural and situational stories, i.e., ‘How have you handled setbacks at work?’. With this method, you can prepare stories that showcase your skills using the Situation, Task, Action, Result (STAR) method. 

  • Ask thoughtful questions

Enquire about company culture, growth opportunities, and challenges. Demonstrate your interest by asking insightful questions about the company and your potential role.

Ensure you are fully prepared for your interview with our Ambitions Travel Recruitment ‘Essential Travel Job Interview Checklist’, available on our Free Resources page.


The worlds of work and recruitment have changed in recent years. Many companies now use video calling for the full hiring process, and fully remote roles are more commonplace than ever. Demonstrating that you are adaptable to this environment can serve to help impress potential employers at the interview stage. 

  • Master the art of virtual interviews and assessments by ensuring you are familiar with the video software being used, practising with friends and family beforehand, and ensuring that your background is professional and free of distractions.
  • Showcase your digital skills by mentioning your experience with common digital tools and remote collaboration platforms.
  • Demonstrate your adaptability to changing work environments. If you are applying for a hybrid role, discuss the positive aspects of home and office working.


  • Stay updated with industry trends

Follow travel blogs, industry news, and discussion forums to stay up to date with current trends. You could also sign up for newsletters to ensure you are abreast of the latest developments. 

  • Pursue ongoing education

Attend webinars, workshops, and industry networking events to keep your knowledge up to date and demonstrate a willingness to keep your skills sharp. 

  • Seeking mentorship

Connect with experienced professionals in the travel industry. Mentorship can provide invaluable guidance for your career growth and open up a whole new network of connections.


Renowned travel industry recruiter Fi Morrison-Arnthal leads Ambitions Travel Recruitment. Fi has 30 years of experience in the travel industry and is passionate about finding the perfect candidates for the perfect roles across the industry. 

At Ambitions Travel Recruitment, we’ve built a first-class reputation as an award-winning, leading global travel recruitment agency, placing people in the best travel and tourism industry jobs. This has created long-standing, trusted relationships with our customers, providing a flow of career opportunities for our talent bank of travel industry candidates. 

From the point of application, we provide you with everything you need to ensure that you are prepared for the interview to give you the best chance to secure a new travel job with the help of our expert travel recruitment consultants.

Tailored Industry Expertise 

As a specialist travel industry recruiter, we know all the common quirks and pitfalls that can come with job hunting in this wonderful industry. Moreover, with our many years of experience in the travel industry, we have created and nurtured long-standing relationships with our clients and candidates – helping you further find the perfect role. 


Many of our customers work exclusively with Ambitions Travel Recruitment, meaning that you will have access to exclusive job listings. Upload your CV to our website today and get your travel career off to the best start. 


Securing your perfect role in the travel industry requires a combination of self-awareness, education, effective application strategies, and a commitment to continuous growth. You can embark on a fulfilling career in the travel industry by understanding the industry, customising your materials, excelling in interviews, and staying adaptable in a changing world. And when you're ready, remember that Ambitions Travel Recruitment is here to help you navigate this exciting journey. Get ready to explore the world and your career!

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