The benefits of hiring a recruitment agency that specialises in the travel Industry

The benefits of hiring a recruitment agency that specialises in the travel Industry   Listing Image

To better understand recruitment in the travel industry and the value recruitment agencies bring to your business, let's first look at travel agencies and tour operators.

It has never been easier for travel customers to dynamically package their own trips. With thousands of user-friendly, bulk-room buying booking engines out there, many offering no upfront costs and free cancellation, it might be difficult to see from the outside how travel agents and tour operators can compete in such a market.

But they do. And they’re doing it better than ever.

Expertise you can trust

For example, in October 2022, Travel Counsellors reported £700 million in new bookings, a 20% increase on pre-pandemic figures. And that was just one of several promising sales news stories to come from agents and tour operators in 2022. Additionally, Travel Weekly’s 2022-23 Insight Report found that consumers are now more likely to book with a tour operator than in the previous year.

Why is this the case? Because customers rely on and trust their travel agent or tour operator’s expertise and industry knowledge. Additionally, many customers simply don’t have the time it takes to properly research and design the perfect trip. Well, travel recruitment is no different.

Industry experience

We all know how wonderful yet unique our industry is. It takes a few years of working in travel to understand the important yet fragile relationships between suppliers and clients, agents and operators, consultants and customers, and the list goes on.

We can all also appreciate that it takes a certain amount of grit and passion to succeed in travel. And although our industry is, it’s fair to say, highly competitive, it also brings together a fantastic community of like-minded, spirited people who love working together, building networks and forging life-long friendships across the globe. No one understands this complex ecosystem better than a travel recruiter.


We see it all; we work with all areas of the industry, from high-street independents to huge firms, from international cruise lines to local ferry companies, from high-end luxury to budget operators, and everything in between. We also work with all levels of management, from interns to board members and CEOs. We know what works and what doesn’t. We’ve seen candidates struggle, fail, succeed, leave the industry and return.

And for those of us who have mastered our craft, our success in placing the right candidates in the right roles is no secret. Our reputation precedes us via word of mouth, reviews and referrals. So just like the customer who comes to you because her brother can’t stop raving about his unforgettable holiday, you can be confident in your community's trust in us.


And like you, we love what we do. We are constantly keeping our industry knowledge up to date. We’re always out there, connecting and networking, and scouting for candidates is a constant occupational hazard. We’re forever pursuing those unicorns that will help your company excel and make our industry an even better place to work.

Why trust something as important as recruitment with someone who doesn’t understand the complexities of the travel industry? Or why take time away from growing your business to pursue time-consuming recruitment campaigns? Trust the experts the same way your customers trust you, and let a travel industry recruiter help build your all-star team.

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