How much of your recruitment comes from repeat and referral?

How much of your recruitment comes from repeat and referral? Listing Image

It might seem like a strange question at first. The ‘repeat and referral’ business model is probably something you’re used to thinking about in terms of your marketing strategy. And in that regard, you know how important it is. Marketing studies have shown that referred customers are four times more likely to convert. And according to a 2020 Forbes report, 96% of customers will never buy from you again after a negative experience, let alone make a recommendation. Those are certainly some important numbers. 

But how does this apply to recruitment? Let’s find out.

Employer branding

Did you know that you had an employer brand in addition to your corporate brand? According to Glassdoor, employer branding is defined as: 

 ‘The discipline of defining, developing and managing a company’s reputation as an employer.’ 

The concept was developed in the 1990s in response to competition in recruiting and retaining top candidates. By nurturing your employer brand, you can successfully apply the repeat and referral model to your recruitment process while protecting your brand’s reputation in the industry.

Good news spreads fast, and bad news spreads faster  

The latest LinkedIn Talent Solutions report states that over 75% of candidates will consider a brand’s reputation before applying for a role. 

First impressions matter - and your employer brand begins to form upon first contact with a potential employee. And just like with your customers, your reputation will suffer if the experience is negative. Particularly in an industry as close-knit as travel, candidates sharing negative experiences can quickly discourage others from wanting to work for you. And now, with employer review websites like Glassdoor an essential research stop on today’s candidate journey, the grapevine is more active than ever. 

In November 2022, Travel Weekly reported that the number of new candidates looking for travel jobs was down 2% from October 2019 and 5% from October 2018. Beyond the statistics, as recruiters, we hear the same stories from our clients - that quality candidates are increasingly harder to come by. So, whilst the recruitment market remains candidate-driven, it’s up to you as a business to do what you can to ensure that each potential employee you meet leaves the process with only good things to say about your brand.

How do I improve my employer branding?

As with your customers, offer your candidates care and attention at every stage of the journey. 

A good travel business wouldn’t ignore a new lead, even if it didn’t initially seem like the ideal customer. Similarly, a good travel business wouldn’t ghost an open enquiry, ignore appointment times or be anything less than warm and friendly at each stage of the sales process. 

In 2022, the Glassdoor employer branding survey found that more than a third of respondents would like employers to have better communication and greater transparency during recruitment. 

This means: 

  • Keeping promises made during the process and getting back to your candidates when you say you will
  • Letting candidates know if they were successful or not within a reasonable timeframe – we all know how stressful waiting for important news can be
  • Being respectful of your candidate’s time - don’t keep shifting interview dates and times around
  • Respectfully providing feedback throughout the process
  • Being fully transparent regarding hiring delays, onboarding processes, training, job role scope, etc. 

If you think your employer branding needs an overhaul or if you would like someone else to build and manage it for you, get in touch with Fi at Ambitions Travel Recruitment. Fi has guided multiple travel brands through successful employer branding journeys, brings with her decades of industry experience and lives and breathes the ‘repeat and referral’ model through her own business. Her glowing testimonials speak for themselves.

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