Don’t self sabotage your career

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Right now, the recruitment market is a candidate’s market, meaning there are way more roles than candidates. What many recruiters and employers are finding is that this is making candidates complacent. They’re seeing an increase in ghosting, not turning up for interview, getting a job and not turning up to work, and poorly put together CVs and applications.

If you do any of the above, you could severely self sabotage your career opportunities. Whatever the market looks like, there will always be competition for the role that you're applying or interviewing for. Your job is to make sure that you present your CV and yourself in the best way possible.

If you’re invited to a zoom interview, think about what your environment looks like, and how you’ve presented yourself. You need to dress smartly, look clean and fresh and make sure there are no dodgy items in your background!

Communication is key in recruitment

Communication is very important, whether you’re offered the job or not. Please don’t ghost recruitment agencies or direct employers if you change your mind. People don't forget and you could well self-sabotage any future career opportunities. Particularly in the travel industry, the network is fairly tight and people do talk. Why get a bad reputation, when a simple call or email would have put things right.

You’re much more likely to get selected for a job if you’ve spent a little time developing a relationship with a recruiter. Always be polite and offer plenty of information about your skills, aims, and career path.

Another way to self sabotage is not to do your research before an interview. Always plan ahead, and think of questions, and do a bit of research about the role you’re interviewing for. A good recruitment consultant can help you here, too.

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